Saturday, September 19, 2020

Celebrating New Zealand Sign Language Week: We are one in NZSL

Celebrating te wiki o te reo Māori: Weaving harakeke

 Room 2 has been very busy celebrating te wiki o te reo Māori and using te reo in our classroom. We do use te reo quite a lot in our classroom daily, so we have tried using more kupu and had a go at learning something new about Māori culture and tikanga. 

We have been focusing on learning new kupu about our feelings. Every day we ask each other about how we are feeling and children have been learning to use the kupu like pai (good), ngenge (tired), mokemoke (lonely), riri (angry), and hiakai (hungry). 

It has been really amazing to watch children use these kupu during their play or when asked about how they are feeling. 

One of the new things we have learnt this week was about harakeke. How to harvest harakeke and the tikanga around the use of harakeke. 

We went to find some harakeke at our kura. 

We learnt that we needed to do a specific karakia for harvesting. We also learnt that harakeke plants represent tupuna (grandparents),  awhi rito (parents) and rito (child). 
We also talked about when it is not allowed to cut harakeke, those times are when it is dark, and when it is raining. We do not walk over harakeke either. 

Whaea Arna was very kind and gave us some harakeke for weaving. Before weaving, we did the karakia before using it. It is important to show respect for harakeke. 

We weaved pīwakawaka together. 

Fantastic work at making pīwakawaka. We then sand a song about pīwakawaka! 

Friday, September 4, 2020

Making Rockets and a beautiful day at Pūtikitiki

 This week for our science experiment, we tried making rockets using straws. We followed the instructions from the Science Kitchen Book again. 

Children made rockets with coloured paper and put the straws into the paper pipes they made. They blew the straws and saw how far the rockets flew. 

I really enjoyed listening to their discussions about how they made the rockets fly. As some struggled to blew the rockets, they were trying to solve their problems by sharing their own data and collecting their evidence. 

It has been a wonderful week as spring has finally come to New Zealand. We are really enjoying beautiful sunny days. One of the days, we were in our t-shirts and really enjoyed exploring the natural environment at Pūtkitiki. 

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Being volcanologists

 This week we have been talking about what volcanologists are, what they do, and what they use when they go up a volcano. 

The children have shared some of their ideas with each other, and we have been talking about thinking and acting like scientists. 

Today, we pretended to be volcanologists and went to Pūtiokitiki to look for rocks. We went to Nature Trail to find rocks, and it was interesting as we could see the rocks buried in the layers of soil. 

After collecting some rocks in the trays, they came back and looked at them with magnifying glasses. What can we see? What does it feel like? How heavy is it? 

They then sketched their rocks. We will do some writing about the experience next week. Being a volcanologist was a very exciting experience! 

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Nature Protectors


 We are scientists. We looked closely at cold temperatures and thought about what it would be like to live in Antarctica.

We wanted to keep Ayesha warm. We dressed her up like a penguin. She had 5 layers on. Ayesha felt like fire!

We put our hands into the plastic bag with blubber. It was squishy and it kept our hands so warm!

We are feeling the water and the ice. It felt cold like snow.